Hi! My name is Britta Wilson and I am the designer of BrittaWear. 


I grew up on the beach in the north county coastal area of San Diego between Del Mar and Leucadia, and it was there that I developed my love and passion for animals, the ocean, and everything outdoors. After graduating from high school l left San Diego for the “big city” of Hollywood to pursue a modeling career. During this time, I worked for nearly every swimwear company, and my work would take me to exotic locations, one being Japan, where I discovered and fell in love with the Japanese summer yukata. It was my dream to share this unique, comfortable, and fashionable robe with women in the west. 


After my modeling career I turned my focus to another dream, helping animals. While working in the animal field as an educator/guide at the San Diego Wild Animal Park (now known as the San Diego Zoo Safari Park), and as a trainer at the San Diego Zoo, I learned a lot about the threats to our planet due to habitat loss, deforestation, pesticides and chemicals. In 2005 while I was a trainer at the San Diego Zoo I launched my robe collection, BrittaWear. I combined my newfound knowledge about our planet with my dream of bringing the Japanese summer yukata to women in the west but rather than using traditional cotton which wreaks havoc on our environment during its production from the pesticides and the chemicals used, I would incorporate ecofriendly fabric, like organic cotton, in my designs. I searched worldwide for the finest fabrics with the softest hand and combined these fabrics with timeless, classic designs. BrittaWear was sold in spas and boutiques around the United States and abroad and was featured in 944 magazine, Curve magazine, Ranch and Coast magazine, Surface Design Journal, and the Green Gift Guide of


In 2012 I made the difficult decision to put BrittaWear “on the back burner,” so to speak, due to a life changing personal setback, and although this decision was difficult for me at the time, I knew in my heart it would not be the end of BrittaWear. Over the years, many of my former customers have contacted me wanting to purchase another robe and expressing how much they have loved their robes over the years. Reading their messages has always warmed my heart and solidified my desire to return to what I loved doing…creating beautiful, unique, ecofriendly robes that are cherished for years to come. But it was not until the Covid-19 pandemic and after much soul searching as many people had during the pandemic, that I felt it was time to resurrect BrittaWear. 


In the fall of 2021, after nearly 10 years, I returned to my dream. I have stayed true to what is important to me when I first launched BrittaWear-- respecting our environment, people, and animals; using certified organic cotton in my designs; sewing my robes sewn in the USA and donating a portion of my proceeds to non-profit organizations which support a clean, natural environment and the compassionate treatment of animals.


I hope you enjoy and cherish my robes for years to come, as much as I enjoy and cherish making them for you!


Sincerely and gratefully,